A semi-professional blog

The idea of creating a professional blog has been kicking around in my head for a few months, probably since the #blogeverydayofjune challenge over at LINT. I participated, but not in a professional manner. I wrote an occasional post about library-related stuff, but I suppose I’ve never felt I have enough to say, regularly enough, to warrant a professional blog. I also struggle with the personal-professional divide, having been told a few times that I have a lot of “personality” and some people in my chosen profession aren’t keen on that much “personality”.

HOWEVER. I am no longer a baby-librarian. I have things to say, and while they may not always be perfect, I will try to keep them professionally based and use this blog the same way I use my professional twitter account, @naomidoessel. To blog about library events, issues, and perhaps opinions, but the latter will be under advisement at the time of writing.

The impetus for creating this blog is the EndNote Masterclass I attended on Friday at UQ, and the constant tweeting I did from the event. A few members of my Personal Learning Network asked for a blog post, and then some people who I don’t know asked for a blog post, so that will be coming soon.

The name of this blog is explained on the About page. However, some context, and the reason why this isn’t the official “first” entry. I was searching around for a hosting site, thinking I should register a “proper” site and learn about site hosting and installing wordpress and so on, and at the same time considering what to call my site. “Learning Librarian” sounded very boring, and I kept coming back to “Über Libearian”, though I wasn’t sure if it was professional enough. Then I logged onto wordpress.com and found that I’d already set this site up – with this domain name – in June, five months ago, and never done anything with it, and completely forgotten about it. It was meant to be 🙂


About Naomi Doessel

I'm a librarian by profession and a reader at heart. I occasionally blog about the profession, my relationship with food, and I annually fundraise for ovarian cancer research and prevention during Frocktober.
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