I heart my PLN

I miss my PLN. I met a lot of them IRL last week at #ALIAioc and since I got back to reality I have been far too slammed to even think about doing much connecting online, and also possibly a bit too burnt out. Not burnt out in a bad way – more in an over-stimulated kid who has had so much sugar and fun at the birthday party that while she really really REALLY wishes she was still having that much fun, and weakly protests to her Mum that she doesn’t want to go to sleep, in reality she is absolutely exhausted and needs to sleep full nights and have no play dates for a week.

So I am in a no play-date zone.

I am also in a no-research zone. The conference mentoring pilot went really well, and I really need to do lots still to get it all done – especially since I just got accepted to write a paper about it at RAILS7.  But I don’t have the time or brainspace for it right now- it’s week -2 and students are already here for earlybird classes. Which is awesome, and super fun, but my job not only comes first this week, it comes second, third, and fifth. (I figure food, the boyfriend, the cat and the family all share fourth this week.)

I’m rambling. What I wanted to say is: I heart my Personal Learning Network. They are lovely and beautiful and insane and wise and the best thing is knowing they will be there when I’m ready to play again.


About Naomi Doessel

I'm a librarian by profession and a reader at heart. I occasionally blog about the profession, my relationship with food, and I annually fundraise for ovarian cancer research and prevention during Frocktober.
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