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Can Australian librarians work in the States?

For Aussies who are California dreamin’ or find themselves in a New York state of mind on a regular basis, the loophole visa (otherwise known as the E-3) allows tertiary educated Australians in a specialty position to migrate without the pesky card of green.* So you have an ALIA … Continue reading

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I care about your professional development

I care about your professional development. Passionately. I can’t really tell you why I care, but the simple fact is that I do. I want you to continue to learn about our profession after you have submitted your last assignment. I … Continue reading

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23 Things for Professional Development

My mind has been buzzing with ideas as I have been lucky over the last few days to be gaining rich professional development opportunities. I will be trying to catch the ideas and distil them over the next few days … Continue reading

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Putting your money where you want to be

An interesting post on the NMRT-L elist today from an established professional in the American Library Association titled “A perspective on conference attendance and support”. In the email the author points out that never have librarians been fully funded to … Continue reading

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Spamming for a good cause

What on earth? I hear you say. How is that possible? But… but… spam is EVIL! Yes, I know. Unfortunately, I have been reduced to spamming. Although is it spamming if you’re after specific information and are not trying to … Continue reading

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Where does the professional end and the personal begin?

I received an email from a close friend of mine last night. She had seen the link to my first #blogjune post via Facebook or Twitter and rather than commenting publicly she wrote me an email. She notes “your personal … Continue reading

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Talk like an Egyptian

And by Egyptian I mean academic. I have spent the best part of the last three days attempting to walk, talk and write like an academic. And let me tell you, it does not come easy to me. As you … Continue reading

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