I care about your professional development

I care about your professional development. Passionately. I can’t really tell you why I care, but the simple fact is that I do.

I want you to continue to learn about our profession after you have submitted your last assignment. I want you to be engaged. I want you to take every opportunity available to grow and learn as a librarian. I want you to help to shape the future of the information landscape. I want you to care about your professional development.

Consider the example of Student X. Over the last couple of weeks Student X has spent some time with me at MPOW. I’m really fortunate that I have a supportive manager, passionate colleagues and a relatively open schedule (when it’s not the beginning of semester) so that I could take the opportunity to create a program, project and schedule for Student X.

Student X could consider himself lucky that he went to a QUT Information Professionals Alumni event. He could think it was luck that he introduced himself to the group I was standing with. Again, it could be considered lucky that I gave him my card when he said he was having trouble finding a second fieldwork placement and I invited him to email me with the details to see what I could do. He could consider himself lucky. OR he could be a great example of how professional development, even when still a student, can open doors that you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.

Student X wasn’t lucky. It was his enthusiasm, intelligence (I flat out asked his GPA) and passion for the profession that led him to the Alumni event (even though it was the third time he saw the international speaker that week) and therefore into a fieldwork placement. As well as now being in touch with a major international thinker on information literacy (props!) Student X got the opportunity through his fieldwork placement at MPOW to:

  • see a range of aspects to working in an academic library including multiple campuses, divisions and areas of librarianship
  • work independently on a project report in the area of information literacy that he then presented to a library committee and also serves as an example for his portfolio
  • gain an outstanding fieldwork review, and more importantly, a professional reference
  • build a relationship with someone who cares about his professional development who will happily pass on job seeking tips and recommend him for work if any should come up. (For these favours Student X must only put up with being called a Baby Librarian.)
In the end, it didn’t matter how much I cared about Student X’s professional development. All that really mattered is that he does. And it’s the same for anyone else. I care about your professional development. But I can’t help you if you don’t care. And if you do care and want some help, support, or just someone to chat to, you know where I am.

About Naomi Doessel

I'm a librarian by profession and a reader at heart. I occasionally blog about the profession, my relationship with food, and I annually fundraise for ovarian cancer research and prevention during Frocktober.
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4 Responses to I care about your professional development

  1. Hoi says:

    love it love it love it love it!!! Awesome post, and the email as well =))))

  2. 🙂 thanks babycakes. Why I care so much I still don’t know though… a mystery for the ages perhaps?

  3. Suzie Day says:

    Can I just say how much I love this, and how much hope it gives me for the future? I am a student, but have been to a couple of library conferences in the past, and have recently secured sponsorship to attend NLS5 in Perth this September. I was recently made redundant from my position within a law library, and I am struggling to find a new job (I got another ‘no thanks
    letter today). This blog post is really encouraging me, and reminds me that my enthusiasm and love for my position is worth it. Thanks heaps, I really needed this today!

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